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Debt consolidation good step, but different than debt settlement - Part 1
When looking a ways to achieve financial freedom, people typically look at two solutions: debt consolidation and debt settlement. The two paths are different ways to begin your journey back to credit-worthiness. [ more... ]

Debt consolidation good step, but different than debt settlement - Part 2
What is the approval process for debt settlement versus debt consolidation? In both approaches, you need to be employed and serious about facing your debts. [ more... ]

Debt consolidation good step, but different than debt settlement - Part 3
11) What will debt settlement accomplish for me? Unlike debt consolidation which simply puts all your debts under one new loan and lender, debt settlement can substantially reduce the money owed to various creditors. Results obviously vary from situation to situation.  [ more... ]

Dangerous debt – living paycheck to paycheck – is obviously a warning sign to you
Dangerous debt seems to be a part of Canadian culture. Total consumer debt in America alone is now over $1.4 trillion, and 1.3 million bankruptcies were filed in 1999, up 69 percent since 1990. Not that being in so much company is necessarily comforting. [ more... ]

Simple steps lead way to better bill and debt management
On the seventh you realize that you never sent in a payment due on the first of the month. There is no way to avoid the $20 late fee, but to add insult to injury, you now realize you can’t find the pay stub at all. If this is all too familiar a scene, you might simply need a lesson or two in bill organization. [ more...]

Credit Report Canada lets you examine your Canadian credit report
Credit Report Canada wants to empower citizens with their own Canadian credit report. You are certainly entitled to know where you stand with any bank, credit card company or other lending institution. It evens the playing field, since the lenders already have that information about you. They set the interest rate they offer you based on this credit report in Canada. [ more... ]

Credit Report Canada makes it easy to get your Canadian Credit Report
Credit Report Canada can make your financial situation clearer through a Canadian Credit Report. How? By giving you all the information you need to start addressing your money problems. Credit Report Canada shows you exactly what the financial world sees when lenders and creditors look at your Canadian Credit Report  [ more... ]

Debt management adds credit counseling as powerful tool for financial freedom
Joining a debt management program may be the smartest way to financial freedom if you find yourself facing a mountain of money problems. [ more... ]

Questions to ask Canadian debt counseling organizations before you employ their services
Debt counseling is available throughout Canada for Canadian consumers overwhelmed by credit problems. However, before you employ any debt counseling services, make sure you have a clear understanding of who you are dealing with by asking the following questions: [more...]


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