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MORTGAGE BROKERS offer Canadian homeowners competitive interest rates and unique mortgage features from a variety of banks and lenders
If you are still shopping your mortgage at just one bank … STOP! Even if you’ve been a valued customer for years, your bank manager still has his employer’s interests at heart when selling you their mortgage. You could phone around to other banks and credit unions, but would still not cover nearly all the lending institutions that WANT your mortgage business. [more...]

Credit Report Canada makes it easy to get your Canadian Credit Report
Credit Report Canada can make your financial situation clearer through a Canadian Credit Report. How? By giving you all the information you need to start addressing your money problems. Credit Report Canada shows you exactly what the financial world sees when lenders and creditors look at your Canadian Credit Report.  [more...]

MORTGAGE BROKER fights for best rates and features for Canadian homeowners looking for a mortgage in Canada
So what can a MORTGAGE BROKER do for you? Approved Mortgages Ltd. shops your mortgage Canada-wide finding you the best mortgage in less time with less hassle. As mortgage specialists they will advise you and guide you every step of the way. They can also cut special deals with the biggest banks because of the total lending volumes. [more...]

Your Credit History: the financial facts most of us never discover … until it’s too late!
Your bank knows more about you than you do! Really. When loan officers ask for a credit check, they’ll find out financial facts you’ve long forgotten. A bill you paid late; a rent cheque that bounced; a credit card that was always overdue. It’s all there in black and white for them to see, even if you can’t remember a single detail. [more...]

Hasty REAL ESTATE move can prove costly to Canadians - avoid these 7 mistakes
Selling your REAL ESTATE in Canada is one of the biggest moves Canadians ever make financially. Unfortunately, too often just seven costly mistakes can seriously damage their finances for years to come. Avoid these errors: [more...]

REAL ESTATE deals run smoothly when buyers follow step-by-step process in Canada 
Buying and selling real estate in Canada, can become much easier if you follow this step by step process: [more...]

CANADIAN INSURANCE never takes a holiday … even if you do!
Your bags are packed, someone is taking care of the cat and you are off on that summer vacation you've been anticipating since New Year's ended. You may be on a holiday, but your Canadian insurance is still working for you - and we're not just talking the travel insurance you purchased for the occasion. [more...]

Filing ACCIDENT CLAIM is easier if you follow these dozen steps
Hopefully you'll never be in a car accident or need to file an insurance claim. But if you do, here are some things CanadianCreditCenter recommends you remember that will help make the process easier: [more...]


Bank of Canada Sets Canadian Interest Rates
The Prime Interest Rate gets set regularly by the Bank of Canada for all the Canadian banks, trusts and credit unions [more...]

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