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The CCRA wants more Canadians to NetFille
(NC)—Are you one of the 7 million Canadians who file a paper tax return? If you are, the CCRA wants you to pack up the paper and send your return to them electronically. In fact, last year, the number of tax returns filed on paper dropped by 5%, but that's not a big enough drop for the CCRA, and again this year, they will be encouraging taxpayers to file their returns using NetFile instead of Canada Post

Make your tax refund work for you
(NC)—If you're like most Canadians when you file your income tax return each year, you're hoping for a healthy tax refund – a lump-sum cheque from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. But do you ever plan on what you are going to do with the money?

Online tax programs offer lowest cost solution for many
(NC)—Thanks to NetFile, Canadians who want to get their tax refund fast are using software to prepare their tax returns.

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