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Credit Card Canada wants to put unsecured and secured Canadian credit cards into your hands

When it comes to choices from Credit Card Canada, there are several great opportunities to apply for the Canadian credit card that works best for your financial situation. Two unsecured credit cards from American Express Canada as well as secured MasterCard and unsecured and secured VISA credit cards are now available here.


American Express Canada Cards
Quite frankly, your credit history is a critical factor in qualifying for an unsecured credit card in Canada. If you have a good or excellent Canadian credit rating along with appropriate income levels, you are certainly a candidate for the no fee American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card. You can apply online today (in English or Francais) for either card and receive a response within 60 seconds!

Amex cards are accepted by restaurants, hotels, merchants and millions of other establishments in Canada and around the world. Choosing the American Express rewards card that's right for you will depend on the benefits that you are seeking. You will be able to use the Amex card with pride and security.


On the other hand, financial circumstances prevent many Canadians from qualifying for an unsecured credit card. A bad, or even just poor credit ranking makes most lenders reluctant to approve that applicant. Fortunately, Canadians who still need a brand name credit card are virtually guaranteed approval for a secured MasterCard from HorizonPlus or secured VISA from Home Trust.

secured mastercard horizonplus canada peoples trustA new secured credit card from HorizonPlus offers all Canadians, including Quebecers the opportunity to obtain a MasterCard. Even if you are a discharged bankrupt, bad credit, or no credit history in Canada, you can apply immediately! *In fact, your approval is VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED if you are a Canadian Citizen or permanent Canadian resident, 19 years old or older, have a Social Insurance Number, a verifiable permanent Canadian home address, are not an Undischarged Bankrupt or the subject of proceedings deemed to be unsatisfactory to HorizonPlus and open your Secured Savings Account with Peoples Trust. If you have had CREDIT PROBLEMS or NO CREDIT HISTORY, and you want your own MasterCard® card , just open your own PERSONAL SECURED SAVINGS ACCOUNT with our associate CDIC INSURED financial institution, PEOPLES TRUST. You will receive a credit line equal to 100% of your CDIC insured savings account of $500-$10,000.

Apply now for a secured MasterCard from HorizonPlus.

You simply need to make fully refundable security deposit of $500-$10,000 matching your credit limit .

Better still, by using their secured credit card, Canadians can begin to rebuild their credit history in Canada. In fact, the fastest way to establish or re-establish your credit rating is with a secured credit card. All credit cards, whether they are regular bankcards, department store cards, secured or unsecured are reported to Canadian credit bureaus and updated monthly. If you use your credit card responsibly, you will see your Canadian credit score improve over months instead of years.

Secured Canadian VISA Credit CardsCurrently, most Canadian banks fail when it comes to providing help to establish or re-establish credit. Some offer a secured credit card that requires up to three times the amount of deposit. This means if you need $500 credit limit you would have to deposit $1,500, but that is NOT the case here! You get a matching credit limit based exactly on your refundable security deposit from $500 to $10,000 for a secured MasterCard and $1,000-$10,000 for a secured VISA (Visa not available in Quebec).


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amexican express airmiles credit card no feesAmerican Express AirMiles Credit Card Application
Earn Air Miles faster with American Express credit cards. Amex cards are accepted around the world. Get 100 Air Mile bonus rewarded the first time you use your new credit card. Apply online today for no fee American Express AirlMiles card in English or Francais.

Secured Canadian MasterCard Credit CardsHorinzonPlus Secured MasterCard Credit Application
Approval is virtually guaranteed to all Canadians, even those with bad credit. This Secured MasterCard gives you a credit limit is equal to your fully refundable and CDIC-insured security deposit: $500 - $10,000. Available in all Canadian provinces and territories, including Quebec. Apply today in English or Francais.

Secured Canadian VISA Credit CardsHomeTrust Secured Visa Card Application
Build or re-build credit. Ideal for anyone with damaged credit or no credit history. The HomeTrust Secured VISA is a credit card "secured" by a deposit. The credit limit is equal to amount of security deposit: $1,000 - $10,000. Available in all Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec. (PDF Application)

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Credit Report Canada offers more Canadians their first glimpse at one of the most important documents in their life … personal credit report. 

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