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Credit Advice for Canadians

Canadian Credit Management Advice
Credit Report Canada wants to empower citizens with their own Canadian credit report. You are certainly entitled to know where you stand with any bank, credit card company or other lending institution [more...]

Canadian Debt Management Advice
When looking a ways to achieve financial freedom, people typically look at two solutions: debt consolidation and debt settlement. The two paths are different ways to begin your journey back to credit-worthiness. [ more... ]

Canadian Real Estate Advice
If you are still shopping your mortgage at just one bank … STOP! Even if you’ve been a valued customer for years, your bank manager still has his employer’s interests at heart when selling you their mortgage. You could phone around to other banks and credit unions, but would still not cover nearly all the lending institutions that WANT your mortgage business. [ more... ]

Canadian Wealth Building Advice
Getting set up with online account access is relatively easy, providing you have an internet connection, an employer that offers direct deposit and personal finance software [more...]

Canadian Credit Repair Advice
Are you a new immigrant to Canada? Or moving soon to our beautiful country? Whether your current credit rating is good or bad in your homeland, that is totally meaningless as your strive to become a new Canadian. Your credit repair or rebuilding can start here with a secured credit card the day you land on our shores. [ more... ]
Canadian Income Tax Preparation Advice
Every year, you have a date with the taxman at Revenue Canada (Revenu du Canada). Doing your taxes quickly, easily and inexpensively is everyone's dream. Well, that ... and getting your refund cheque as quickly and easily! Fortunately, CanadianCreditCenter and Revenue Canada have made this annual chore easier and quicker through its affiliated partners and NetFile. It's just one more reason the Internet has become the way most people are doing their taxes these days. [ more... ]
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