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CREDIT MONITORING in Canada is best way to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft of Canadian consumers

Are you a Canadian looking for a loan, mortgage, or credit card in Canada? Did you know that your personal Canadian credit report is the primary tool all lenders use to make their final decision? Did you know that 47% of credit reports are reported to have inaccurate or missing information, which can result in higher interest rates or even declined credit?

In fact, one out of 11 Canadians are NOT aware of the content of their credit report, don't be one of them! Now it's easier than ever to view your credit report and stay up-to-date on your current credit status. Now Available! Canada's ONLY source for CREDIT MONITORING through!

Did you know that your Canadian credit rating could change monthly based on information provided by financial institutions with which you have established credit? The Canadian credit report you see one month may, in fact, differ from the one available to lenders the following month. 

Staying on top of your current credit status is important to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date. Now with the Trans Union of Canada quarterly credit monitoring system, obtaining this information has never been easier!

The TransUnion Canada Credit Monitoring system offers many advantages such as:

  • Weekly email monitoring of changes that have occurred on your credit profile
  • Unlimited access to your credit profile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Identity and Credit fraud detection 
  • Highly trained specialists are on call to guide and assist you with unlimited toll-free access 
  • Detection of errors, inaccurate and missing information that could adversely affect your credit rating 

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

  1. Purchase the TransUnion Credit Monitoring service for only $22.95 by filling in the online request form.
  2. View your online credit report instantly within 30 seconds!
  3. Every seven days TransUnion will send you an email alerting you to credit profile changes including fraudulent activity, new inquiries, new accounts, late payments, and more. 

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

This identity theft protection service offers many advantages such as:

  • Weekly Monitoring allows you to view any changes that may have occurred on your credit report within the previous 7 days*. New information such as: address changes, account information, previous employers, bankruptcy claims and collections will show up for you to review and confirm.
  • Unlimited access to your Canadian credit report! Only 1 in 11 Canadians know what is on their credit report yet it is one of the major components to the loan, mortgage, credit card and contract services approval decision process. The Credit Monitoring System allows you to stay on top of your credit status and see how lenders rate you.
  • Fraud detection - you will be able to monitor any new addresses, employers, credit card or bank accounts that may have been opened in your name. 

Identity theft is growing at an astounding rate and Canadians need to protect themselves from the damages that identity fraud can impose. 

What is identity fraud?

Identity theft is when someone assumes your identity with the intent to commit fraud or a crime. 

Identity theft is on the rise in Canada, and can occur many ways, such as:

  1. They open a new credit card account, using your name, date of birth, and Social Security Number. When they use the credit card and don't pay the bills, the delinquent account is reported on your credit report.
  2. They call your credit card issuer and, pretending to be you, change the mailing address on your credit card account. Then, your imposter runs up charges on your account. Because your bills are being sent to the new address, you may not immediately realize there's a problem. 
  3. They open a bank account in your name and write bad checks on that account.

How can I protect myself?

Our Credit Monitoring system will show your Canadian credit report updated four times a year, which will list any new information that has been added including address, employer and account information. If you detect potential credit or identity fraud you will be able to notify the necessary institutions and remedy the situation. 

  • The TransUnion Personal Credit Analysis helps you better understand where you're positioned when it comes to your financial status as well as offers tips and suggestions to improving your credit rating. In a graphical and user-friendly format you will be able to quickly and easily grasp your credit situation - No more guesswork!
  • The ability to detect and dispute inaccuracies, missing information and errors found on your credit file. These inaccuracies can adversely affect your credit rating and may even force lenders to administer higher interest rates or even decline your loan application.

In Canada it has been found that over 47% of credit reports contain some form of inaccuracy, of which 13% contained errors so serious the misinformation would have affected the consumers chance of gaining access to credit. 

Don't be one of the victims! Know and protect your good financial reputation with TransUnion - Canada's only CREDIT MONITORING service.

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Credit  Monitoring Tip
Did you know that your Canadian credit rating could change monthly based on information provided by financial institutions with which you have established credit? The Canadian credit report you see one month may, in fact, differ from the one available to lenders the following month.