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Equifax Canada provides unique Canadian credit report and credit score to consumers

Date: 2003

Since 1899, Equifax has provided reliable credit information in a way that has earned the trust and confidence of consumers and businesses. They believe it is important for Canadians to regularly review their Equifax credit report and credit score to understand what these critical documents say about your financial track record in Canada.

You have access to the information that all lenders see in your credit report. Sometimes Canadian consumers hear different words used that refer to the same thing. For example, people will use the words "credit file, credit report, consumer credit report, consumer credit file, and credit profile" interchangeably. In most cases, they refer to the credit information and history that is contained in an individual's credit file.

Equifax Canada only uses only two terms: "credit file"- to refer to the active file that is in Equifax's database about a consumer, and "credit report", which is a copy of that file that they provide to a consumer. They also provide a copy of the FICO Beacon Credit Score that all loans officers at banks, credit unions, trust companies and credit card providers use to evaluate your credit risk.

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