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Credit Report Canada makes it easy to get your Canadian Credit Report

Credit Report Canada can make your financial situation clearer through a Canadian Credit Report. How? By giving you all the information you need to start addressing your money problems. Credit Report Canada shows you exactly what the financial world sees when lenders and creditors look at your Canadian Credit Report.

For starters, Canadian credit bureaus are allowed to keep the following personal information about you: your employment, residence, age, Social Insurance Number (SIN), your spouse, all your accounts (credit cards, loans and mortgage) and most importantly, your payment history. To this file, they can also add any additional public records such as bankruptcy, collection attempts, court judgments and criminal convictions. These facts remain in your Canadian Credit Report six to seven years, depending on the rules of your province.

Credit Report Canada makes it cheap and easy to get your own Canadian Credit Report

Since this information is available to anyone who is allowed by law to see it (based on your written permission) – including potential lenders, landlords and employers) --doesn’t it make sense that you know what EXACTLY what they know about you? Fortunately Credit Report Canada can give you what you are legally entitled to have … a Canadian Credit Report.

In your copy of the credit report, you’ll discover how the world sees your payment history as well as other pertinent facts about you. Read it carefully. If you find any errors, just fill out a consumer dispute form and mail it to one or both credit bureaus in Canada – Equifax and Transunion. Once these agencies investigate your revisions and determine that an error occurred, they will adjust your Credit Report in Canada and send the revised copy to any companies which recently requested it.

If, on the other hand, there is still a disagreement between yourself and the lender, you will need to try to straighten out the facts directly with them. Still disagree? You can duly note that fact with the credit bureau and they will include a statement in your credit report.

 In fact, if any item needs further explanation, you can send a statement (100 word or less) to offer why, for instance an account was overdue (loss of job, illness, etc.). Your information will be included in the credit report. It gives everyone a clear picture of your current or past situation.

So let Credit Report Canada offer you a powerful tool to check and correct your Canadian Credit Report before your next load or credit card application. It will improve your chances of getting the financial help you need.

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In your copy of the credit report, you’ll discover how the world sees your payment history as well as other pertinent facts about you. Read it carefully